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November 24, 2017: Workshop "Seminar on Current and Future Challenges on the Korean Peninsula"

Co-hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea (through its Embassy to the Czech Republic) and Center for Asian Studies (University of Economics, Prague).

November 15, 2017: Conference „Palestine: 100 Years From Balfour Declaration“

Venue: Winston Churchill Square 4, New Building (room NB B), University of Economics

Language: English

September 30, 2016: China and Czech Economic Forum

On the 30th September 2016, the second joint conference of representatives of FIR and Shandong University of Finance and Economics (“China and Czech Economic Forum") took place at the Faculty of International Relations. The conference was based on the Agreement on Cooperation in Research signed in 2014.

August 27 - 30, 2014: 14th International Conference of EAJS

The 14th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) will be held at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia in 2014, August 27-30. For more information (program of the conference, the registration etc.) click here.

July 25 - 26, 2014: 10th Biennal Conference of EACS

The 10th Biennal Conference of the European Association for Chinese Stuedies (EACS) will be held at University of Coimbra in Portugal in 2014, August 27-30. For mor information click here