New Silk Road Institute Prague

The Dean of the Faculty of International Relations (FMV), doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, Ph.D., and the president of the New Silk Road Institute Prague (NSRI), Mr. Jan Kohout, signed at the beginning of the summer semester 2016/2017 a Memorandum of Cooperation.

The purpose of the memorandum is to develop a mutual cooperation between the FMV and the NSRI. There are already vocational student internships being offered, e. g. In the future, it is possible to await joint events, lectures, and conferences, and not just on the subject of New Silk Road or Czech Republic’s relations with China.

New Silk Road Institute Prague was established in September 2015 in response to the ongoing and accelerating geopolitical and economic changes in the world. In our globalized world, the only way how to strengthen ties between Asia and Europe is to make use of new thought concepts and strategies.

The Institute was founded as an independent think-tank with its own allocated resources, analytical abilities and a team which will deliver symposiums and publications for both experts and the general public. The aim of New Silk Road Institute Prague is to contribute to the promotion of ideas that increase mutually beneficial cooperation between Asian and European countries, as well as searching for new ways of communication and economic cooperation within the concept of New Silk Road.