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2011-15: Japan Economic Thought: Time and Space

The aim of this project (JETTS) is to search the historical characters of Japanese economic thought. In order to grasp the feature, we will use an analytical method of time and space. Time means the comparative studies of intertemporal in the history of Japan. Space means the comparative studies by the scholars among Japan, East Asia and West.

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Reseach Team


KAWAGUCHI, Hiroshi (Waseda University, Japan)

Participants (in alphabetic order)

GRAMLICH-OKA, Bettina (Sophia University, Japan)

ISHII, Sumiyo (Daito Bunka University, Japan)

IWAI, Masao (Waseda University, Japan)

LIU, Qunyi (Peking University, China)

MUTO, Shutaro (Niigata University, Japan)

SEGAL, Ethan (Michigan State University, USA)

SÝKORA, Jan (Charles University/University of Economics, Czech Republic)

TAKEMURA, Eiji (Kokushian University, Japan)

YAMORI, Saeko (RPD/Historiographical Institute The University of Tokyo, Japan)

RAI, Seiichiro (Waseda University, Japan)