Bc. Tereza Bártová

Bc. Tereza Bártová

Tereza Bártová studies International Business at the Faculty of International Relations. She is a member of the FIR student PR team, thanks to which you can hear her as one of the moderators of the FIR podcast. During her bachelor’s degree, she had the opportunity to go on an exchange stay at the University of Singapore, a city often aptly nicknamed the “Crossroads of Asia”. During her stay, she came into contact with various Asian nations and realized that she would like to focus on India. She is actively interested in its political and economic direction, as well as in its rich culture and the basics of the language.

Bc. Ludmila Horáková

Bc. Ludmila Horáková

Ludmila Horáková is a master’s degree student at the Faculty of International Relations with a major in International Business and a minor in Development Studies. During her studies, she spent her exchange semester in Paris, represented FIR as a speaker at the Retail Summit conference, participated as a mentor in the FIR’s Student mentoring programme, and more. She works at the university’s International Office, dealing with student mobilities and related promotion within the university, as well as other internationalization activities. She is interested in developing countries, development economics, and related economics branches. In the context of Asia, she is mainly interested in developing subregions of South and South-East Asia or China’s presence in developing regions of the world, especially in Africa.

Bc. Jan Zvoníček

Bc. Jan Zvoníček

Jan Zvoníček studies International Trade at the Faculty of International Relations of Prague University of Business and Economics and graduated with a minor in Retail Business. Among his hobbies are foreign languages. He can communicate in English, French, and Italian without any problems. As part of his studies, he had the opportunity to go on exchange three times – to France, Canada, and Thailand. He is a member of FRAC – the French club and participated in Student and Alumni mentoring as a mentee. He is interested in the Asian region, especially China and North Korea. In addition, he has been learning Chinese since high school, which he continued during his studies at Prague University of Business and Economics. Now he is also learning Thai. He had the opportunity to travel to the Asia region three times. He visited China twice. He participated in a summer language camp in Beijing and also had the unique opportunity to live with a Chinese family in the seaside city of Xiamen and see the functioning of a Chinese family. He is currently on exchange in Bangkok, where he studies at Thammasat University. Thanks to this, he will have the opportunity to discover the entire region of Southeast Asia. He is most interested in the retail aspects of Asian countries, the problems of modern China, as well as the history and current situation in North Korea. He also enjoys reading Asian literature, especially Chinese literature. His favorite author is Yu Hua.

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