Profile of CAS

The Center for Asian Studies (CAS) was established in January 2013 as a research unit affiliated to the Faculty of International Relations, Prague University of Economics and Business, with a main mission of studying East and Southeast Asia from the interdisciplinary perspectives, and realizing an ambitious research projects at national and international level of excellence. The activities of CAS are focused particularly on the comparative research of the social-economic phenomena, processes and institutions in East Asian countries (Japan, Greater China, North/South Korea) in their broader political, economic, social, cultural and historical context. The key topics of the research are the risks in East Asia, the comparative analysis of the economic systems in Japan, China and Korea, the economic and social history of the East Asian countries as well as the comparative history of economic thoughts in East Asia.

Priorities of CAS (from May 2016):

  • Extension of publication activity – publication of expert analysis and studies on current affairs regarding Asia, relations between the Czech Republic and Asian countries, and essays with broader impact
  • Organizing of special events (public debates with experts on Asian affairs, presentations, seminars, workshops, conferences) to provide deeper insights both on current affairs in Asia and long-term issues
  • Organizing of supporting cultural and social events (such as travel talks, photo exhibitions, movie nights, debates with various specialists, discussions with Asian writers etc.)
  • Summer schools for Asian students at Prague University of Economics and Business
  • Stronger cooperation with other institutes (lectures, workshops and expert papers for companies and institutions apart from University of Economics)
  • Closer participation of students of University of Economics in CAS acitivities