Jeremy Alan Garlick, a member of the Centre for Asian Studies, became a new associate professor

During the Scientific Board of the Prague University of Economics and Business, which took place on May 18, 2021, the Rector of the Prague University of Economics and Business prof. Hana Machková handed over the decrees to the new associate professors, including Jeremy Alan Garlick, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Alan Garlick, M.A., Ph.D., defended his habilitation thesis on “The Impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: From Asia to Europe” at the Scientific Board of the Faculty of International Relations on March 3, 2021. In May, he was appointed Associate Professor for International Political Relations with effect from May 1, 2021.

Associate Professor Garlick has been working at the university since 2002. Currently, he is the director of Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies. Also, he is a member of the Department of International and Diplomatic Studies and the Centre for Asian Studies at the Faculty of International Relations. As a full-time employee of FIR, he is the solver of 2 research projects (IGA VŠE 2017-2018, GAČR 2019-2021). He is the author of a monograph on the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative at the prestigious Routledge publishing house (The Impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative from Asia to Europe). He received the VŠE Rector’s Award for a prestigious publication. He is also the author of two chapters in monographs and several impacted articles in professional journals. Jeremy also actively participates in international conferences, workshops, and professional seminars.